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Alta Gastronomia Italiana

CASA GIACOMO restaurants are situated in exclusive locations in Greece and offer authentic Italian delicacies in an elegant, sophisticated environment highlighting the warmth of the Mediterranean hospitality.

Vivere La Dolce Vita

Inspired by the traditional Italian name, CASA GIACOMO restaurants offer a culinary journey through Italy with authentic flavours and regional specialties based on fresh produce. Situated in exquisite cosmopolitan locations in Athens and Cyclades, they could be the hangouts where Italian movie stars of the '60s like Federico Fellini, Marcello Mastroianni and Sofia Loren enjoy their meal next to groups of friends, families, business people and couples of contemporary life.



Thanos Koultoukis

The award-winning Chef Thanos Koultoukis celebrates the Italian Cuisine with landmark signature dishes, including pizza, pasta, carpaccio and colourful Italian salads, many of which are prepared to mark the passage of the seasons. Asparagus, zucchini, pumpkin, and radicchio are common ingredients in spring, summer, fall, and winter respectively.

Pastry Chef

Thanassis Stamoudis

The CASA GIACOMO gastronomic experience culminates with the delicious creations of the talented Pastry Chef Thanassis Stamoudis, based on classic Italian recipes. The traditional tiramisu from Veneto, the sweet calzone from Napoli and the Amalfi lemon pie are just a few examples where the aromas and flavours of Italy are evident.


Our experienced sommeliers are on hand to recommend delicious vintages emphasizing on indigenous varieties from Italy such as Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany and Sicily as well as from the Greek terroirs. Last but not least, an array of stylish cocktails, aperitifs and digestifs enhance the authenticity of the CASA GIACOMO signature aromas and flavours.


The CASA GIACOMO service team is dedicated to offering warm Mediterranean hospitality. With professionalism and deep knowledge of Italian culture, our people aim to exceed our guests’ expectations in an environment of Italian finesse and elegance.